Hi, I’m James and this is my blog. My immediate support system consists of my wife, Cassie, my beautiful baby boy, Brody, and our Pitbull, Diesel. I’m a native Floridian who loves craft beer. It all started when my wife and I went to a beer tasting around 5 years ago. I had been kept in the dark for way too long and that evening turned the light on for me. Since then I have made it my mission to try every craft beer that I can get my hands on. After our son was born in 2014 a new obsession took over. I needed to figure out how to balance my beer life with family life.

In 2015, my family’s business closed their doors after 50 years. For the first time in my life, I was unemployed. We took our son out of daycare and decided I would stay home with him. The days of beer shares, beer festivals, and beer releases were over, or so I thought. Thankfully I had a pretty decent beer cellar to live off of during this time.

My wife taught me how to do bookkeeping so I could help with her bookkeeping business. This made it possible to work from home while caring for our son. Being a stay at home Dad has been an experience that I will always cherish. Now that the bookkeeping business has picked up and I’m ready to get back to work, we put Brody back in daycare. Those stay at home Daddy days are over for now but a new chapter is beginning with this blog.

I will be posting at least once a week on topics that will include the best Florida craft beer breweries, bars, beer festivals, beer shares, beer releases, and daddy stories. Join me on my journey of trying to be the best Dad in the world while enjoying my beer obsession as I tour all 200+ Florida craft breweries and share my experiences with you. Thanks for stopping by and please subscribe to my blog to receive notifications of new posts by email.