DIY Kinetic Sand

My son has been home sick 2½ days this week and we’ve had rainy weather to boot! The poor thing was getting a little stir crazy so I wanted to do a fun activity to entertain him. He only had a little cold but I didn’t want to take him out too much as he could be contagious and I didn’t want him to get worse with the wet weather. I found this easy recipe for kinetic sand from and doubled it so we would have more sand to play with. The best part is this sand is made with only three ingredients! Here’s an easy way to make kinetic-like sand for your kids.

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Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Play Sand – 4 cups
  • Shaving Cream – 12oz total
  • Baking Soda – 16oz
  • Plastic bin

I purchased all the ingredients at the dollar store but you can pretty much get them anywhere. I had leftover sand from the Sand Footprint Art we did a while back that I had bought from the home improvement store.
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My toddler assistant helped me measure out the four cups of sand and put it in the plastic bin.

DIY Kinetic Sand


I then mixed the entire box of baking soda into the sand thoroughly.




I prepared the play area in my son’s room by using an old sheet to help contain the impending mess. It had been raining for days so there was no way we were going outside for this activity. We settled in and my assistant shook the shaving cream bottle vigorously before I helped him spray it on the sand in the plastic bin.



diy-kinetic-sand-8This was a fun way to help him with his motor skills as using a spray can was a new concept for him. Actually, the only other spray can my little guy was familiar with up until this point was whipped cream. One night Grandma showed him what whipped cream was and how to eat it out of his hand (he didn’t like the idea of it being sprayed directly into his mouth). He still has so much to learn! 😉

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So once you spray about 6oz of shaving cream into the bin you can start mixing the shaving cream and sand with your hands.

diy-kinetic-sand-9My little one was a bit hesitant to mix the sand with his hands until I stuck my hands in and helped him.




That’s when the fun really started! We would stick our hands in at the same time and squish the sand while making funny sounds and silly faces at each other.



The sand was a bit sticky at first but slowly turned into what kinetic sand feels like. Moldable but not wet would be the best way to describe it. It was a really interesting texture.




picmonkey-collage-2We had a lot of fun mixing the sand together and saved it in a plastic container to play with at a later date. Next time we’ll break out some sand tools to mold shapes. I kept the remaining 6oz of shaving cream to add to the sand in case it dries out in between uses. I know that the texture definitely changed from start to end when we were playing with it. It seemed to get a little bit stiffer as it dried out to where it felt more like damp sand than kinetic sand.

This was definitely a great way to lift my son’s spirits after being stuck in the house for a few days. We had a great time with the sand and even with clean-up afterwards. We quickly hosed the sand off in the yard right before bath time to avoid putting sand down the drain.

I’m looking forward to using the sand again and seeing if it feels the same or if it dried out. Have you made kinetic sand for your kids? Tell me about your experience below. I’d love to hear from you!



~ James


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