DIY Kinetic Sand

My son has been home sick 2½ days this week and we’ve had rainy weather to boot! The poor thing was getting a little stir crazy so I wanted to do a fun activity to entertain him. He only had a little cold but I didn’t want to take him out too much as he could be contagious and I didn’t want him to get worse with the wet weather. I found this easy recipe for kinetic sand from and doubled it so we would have more sand to play with. The best part is this sand is made with only three ingredients! Here’s an easy way to make kinetic-like sand for your kids.

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Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Play Sand – 4 cups
  • Shaving Cream – 12oz total
  • Baking Soda – 16oz
  • Plastic bin

I purchased all the ingredients at the dollar store but you can pretty much get them anywhere. I had leftover sand from the Sand Footprint Art we did a while back that I had bought from the home improvement store.
Clothing & Accessories

My toddler assistant helped me measure out the four cups of sand and put it in the plastic bin.

DIY Kinetic Sand


I then mixed the entire box of baking soda into the sand thoroughly.




I prepared the play area in my son’s room by using an old sheet to help contain the impending mess. It had been raining for days so there was no way we were going outside for this activity. We settled in and my assistant shook the shaving cream bottle vigorously before I helped him spray it on the sand in the plastic bin.



diy-kinetic-sand-8This was a fun way to help him with his motor skills as using a spray can was a new concept for him. Actually, the only other spray can my little guy was familiar with up until this point was whipped cream. One night Grandma showed him what whipped cream was and how to eat it out of his hand (he didn’t like the idea of it being sprayed directly into his mouth). He still has so much to learn! 😉

Clothing & Accessories

So once you spray about 6oz of shaving cream into the bin you can start mixing the shaving cream and sand with your hands.

diy-kinetic-sand-9My little one was a bit hesitant to mix the sand with his hands until I stuck my hands in and helped him.




That’s when the fun really started! We would stick our hands in at the same time and squish the sand while making funny sounds and silly faces at each other.



The sand was a bit sticky at first but slowly turned into what kinetic sand feels like. Moldable but not wet would be the best way to describe it. It was a really interesting texture.




picmonkey-collage-2We had a lot of fun mixing the sand together and saved it in a plastic container to play with at a later date. Next time we’ll break out some sand tools to mold shapes. I kept the remaining 6oz of shaving cream to add to the sand in case it dries out in between uses. I know that the texture definitely changed from start to end when we were playing with it. It seemed to get a little bit stiffer as it dried out to where it felt more like damp sand than kinetic sand.

This was definitely a great way to lift my son’s spirits after being stuck in the house for a few days. We had a great time with the sand and even with clean-up afterwards. We quickly hosed the sand off in the yard right before bath time to avoid putting sand down the drain.

I’m looking forward to using the sand again and seeing if it feels the same or if it dried out. Have you made kinetic sand for your kids? Tell me about your experience below. I’d love to hear from you!



~ James

First Magnitude Brewing

Raffle for a First Magnitude Brewing Co. Trucker Hat

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After entering the raffle you can check out my review of the First Magnitude Brewing Company here.

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Barrel of Monks Brewing

Barrel of Monks Brewing

Florida Craft Brewery: Barrel of Monks Brewing (B.O.M.B.)Barrel of Monks Brewing

Established: March 28th, 2015

Location: 1141 S. Rogers Circle #5, Boca Raton, FL 33487

Known For: Barrel of Monks Brewing’s most popular offering is White Wizard, a Witbier, that will soon be coming to 12oz bottles. Once a year B.O.M.B. releases the eagerly awaited Pride of Souls, a Belgian-style imperial stout. This beer is currently resting in bourbon barrels. The bourbon barrel aged version of the Pride of Souls is known as the Den of Sins.

Barrel of Monks BrewingCurrent Beer Menu: B.O.M.B. carried eleven of their beers on tap during my visit. Sorry, no guest tap here. I started with a flight of their Abbey Series, which consisted of Single in Bruges (Enke/Singel), Abbey Terno (Dubbel), Three Fates (Trippel), and Quadraphonic (Quadrupel). All were on the scale of good to very good, but the Quad definitely stood out above all of the beers I tasted. It was so damn delicious and dangerously smooth for 10.5% abv. After the flight, I took the tour with a few other patrons. During the tour, I sipped on Passion of the Wizard, which is the passion fruit treated version of White Wizard. I enjoyed it quite a bit but would have liked a bit more passion fruit. I had small tasters of Nuance (saison), Grand Cru, S’tart (sour ale), Amarillo Dry-hopped Endless Enigma, and Amarillo Dry-hopped Peach Endless Enigma. Nuance was a very nice example of a saison. Grand Cru fell right behind Quadraphonic in my ratings. S’tart was a very lite sour meant to pull newcomers into the infected fold. Using Amarillo hops in both Endless Enigma’s made for interesting additions to the all Belgian lineup.

Price Range: A flight of four 4oz pours excluding the special releases will run you $10.00. A 12oz pour will cost anywhere between $6.50 and $9.50Barrel of Monks Brewing while a 16oz pour ranges between $5.00 and $6.25. Growlers in both 32oz and 64oz are available. The glass for the 32oz will run you $5.00 and the pours range between $9.00 and $18.00. The glass of the 64oz growler will cost you $7.50 and the fill anywhere from $16.00 to $30.00. There are also a number of 750ml bottles available for purchase. Nuance ($9.99), Three Fates (12.99), Abbey Terno ($9.99), and Quadraphonic ($13.99) are available individually or you can purchase any two of them for $18.99. B.O.M.B. also carries bottles of the limited release Matize Salvaje. It is a tequila barrel aged wild saison and is $20.00 while supplies last.

Barrel of Monks BrewingWine Menu: Small bottles (two glasses) of both red and white wines are available for between $10.00 and $25.00.

Food Menu/Food Trucks: B.O.M.B. allows for patrons to bring in food from home or have food delivered. Grace’s Sausages and Fine Foods are on site every Wednesday at 5:00pm. Tucker Duke’s food truck offers a $10.00 beer and burger combo on Thursdays starting at 5:30pm. Rotating food trucks start at 5:00pm both Saturday and Sunday.

Ambiance: Walking into Barrel of Monks felt like I had just gone back in time and strolled into the neighborhood speakeasy. It just has that vibe about it. The tap room is kept dark and the lights that hang from the ceiling are intentionally dim, which adds a certain mystique to the room. The mix of rockabilly and classic rock coming from overhead also helped to set the mood.

Bar Seating: The bar itself is not very large and only holds seven seats. There are six high tops with four seats each and a leisure section with two Barrel of Monks Brewinghigh back chairs and a couch. Seating along the window and wall encompasses the rest of the seats.

Staff: Tim tended to the bar while I was on site. He started with B.O.M.B. as apprentice cellarman and now holds the title of cellarman. He also helps with the brewing and leads the tours of the brewery. Tim was a wealth of information and you can really tell he loves what he does.

Brewing System: Barrel of Monks brews on an automated twenty barrel three vessel system.

Barrel of Monks BrewingMerch: The website is being revamped at the moment, so there isn’t an online store to visit just yet. In the taproom you can find 16oz snifters ($7.00), hats ($20.00), men’s and women’s t-shirts ($20.00), Polo’s ($30.00), and work shirts ($35.00).

Membership offered: The Brotherhood is limited to 103 members. Initially, the membership will run you $150.00 with annual renewal at only $99.00. You will receive a Brotherhood t-shirt, a personalized membership glass, two 32oz growlers, one of which is filled with an Abbey Series beer, a custom cooler bag, custom B.O.M.B. bottle opener, members-only party, first dibs on special releases, and 10% off of beer and merch. Renewals begin in August. There are also talks involving a bottle reserve membership, but right now it’s just talk.

Best days or time of year to go: Your best bet for a quiet bar would be during the weekday before 6:00pm. Tours are available every Tuesday at 7:00pm and Saturday and Sunday at 2:30m, 3:30pm, and 4:30pm. Finest Craft Beers from America’s Best Micro Breweries- 728x90 banner

Regular Hours: Tuesday – Thursday: 4:00pm – 10:00pm, Friday: 4:00pm – 11:00pm, Saturday: Barrel of Monks Brewing2:00pm – 11:00pm, and Sunday: 2:00pm to 9:00pm

Happy Hour: Every Tuesday you get seriously hooked up with buy a one get one beer special. Students with college ID get 50% off on Wednesdays. *Special releases excluded.

Fun Facts:

-The spent grain from the brewing process goes to a local non-profit farmer who has a petting zoo and miniature pigs.

-Once a month B.O.M.B. invites a brewery (that has never participated) and a chef to their monthly Throwdown. You can enjoy a four-course meal and eight 4oz pours for $50.00. The interesting part is, no one knows what the chef is preparing or what either brewery has brought to pair with the food.

Barrel of Monks Brewing-The owners are three friends and homebrewers that spent ten years perfecting their beers before opening the brewery.

-B.O.M.B is Boca Raton’s first production Brewery.

Overall Rating (1-5): I am rating Barrel of Monks Brewing a 4.25. I enjoyed everything that I tried especially the Quadraphonic. The staff was great, the tap room was extremely nice, and the beer is definitely worth going back for.

What was missing: Being that B.O.M.B. is a Belgian-style brewery they don’t carry your typical IPA’s and stouts. This is to be expected though and didn’t decrease my rating of them.

In closing, if you’re a fan of Belgian-style beers Barrel of Monks is definitely the place for you. Personally, I enjoyed a getaway from the usual IPA’s and stouts, which I frequent so much. My visit was a welcomed change of pace from what has become the norm in craft brewing.

Is there something else you would like to know about Barrel of Monks Brewing? Please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below.


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Pinecone Birdfeeder

Pinecone Bird Feeders

It’s officially Fall and you know what that means? Nothing. Absolutely nothing if you live in South Florida. It means summer is over and Halloween is fast approaching but aside from that, there’s no change. No trees changing from green to red and gold. No fallen leaves on the ground. No chilly weather that deserves sweaters & boots. That doesn’t mean Floridians won’t rock the sweaters & boots. It’s just that there’s no deserving weather change for it. Florida fall is typically like the rest of the year but maybe a little less hot. This year I was excited for fall to teach my son about the seasons and to do typical autumn activities.

Today I’m sharing with you an easy peasy activity that anyone can do! Seriously! We are making pinecone bird feeders! This was awesome to do with my son. First, we gathered a bunch of pinecones together. We went to a park that I knew had pinecones all over the place. My son loved running around to collect the pinecones and put them in the bag. Each time he found another treasure he exclaimed “pinecone!” with a huge smile. We got more than enough pinecones to use for the bird feeders and other fall crafts.

*This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Pinecones (surprise!)
  • Peanut Butter
  • Birdseed
  • String, Twine, or Fishing Line
  • Plastic Container for Birdseed
  • Spoon & Dish to scoop out Peanut Butter for the project


We came home, got our materials ready and got situated on the back porch. We decided which pinecones to use and I tied a string to the top. I left enough string on the end to tie to a tree branch when we were done.


I prepared the birdseed in a plastic container large enough to roll the pine cones in.

img_7818ConnectedCamps.comMy son inspected the birdseed thoroughly to make sure it was of the best quality! 😉 He just couldn’t help it.





I then scooped enough peanut butter into a small dish for the pinecones we were using. I didn’t want to spoon out peanut butter, spread it on the pinecone and then put the spoon back in the peanut butter jar again. Yuck! I don’t know about you but I don’t care for pinecone flavored peanut butter. 😉 Once we had enough peanut butter, I requested the help of my toddler assistant to spread the peanut butter all over the pinecone.





He enjoyed this part because he kept ‘accidentally’ getting peanut butter on his fingers and licking it off. My son, unlike me, enjoys the taste of pinecone flavored peanut butter apparently.


When we were done with the peanut butter I asked my pint-sized helper to roll the pinecones in the birdseed.



He liked to help smoosh the birdseed into the pinecone even more with his fingers. Lots of fun textures here!

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When we were all done, my son picked the very best spot for us to hang the pinecone bird feeder! We watched it spin around for a few minutes and my son yelled out “BIRDIES!” in an effort to call our feathered friends to the dinner table.


I told my son we would check on the bird feeder in the morning and see if there were any birdies having breakfast. His eyes lit up at the thought. We really enjoyed this activity and it was super simple. The time we spent together collecting the pinecones, putting the pinecone bird feeders together and looking for birds was awesome. It’s something he talks about a lot. Pinecones? Outside? Birdies? Food? His curiosity is wonderful and it really is the little things in life that make it all worth it. I’m looking forward to making more pinecone activities this fall and sharing them with you. If you can’t get ahold of pinecones for this project, toilet paper or paper towel rolls will work too.


Have you made a pinecone bird feeder with your kids? Please share below. I’d love to hear from you!

~ James

Craft brewery review of Islamorada Beer Company

Islamorada Beer Co.

Florida Craft Brewery: Islamorada Beer Company – North Location Craft brewery review of Islamorada Beer Company

Established: The Fort Pierce location of the Islamorada Beer Company had its grand opening August 19th and 20th, 2016. The original location on the island of Islamorada in the Florida Keys opened in October 2014.

Location: 3200 St Lucie Blvd, Fort Pierce, FL 34946

Known For: Islamorada Beer Company is known for their easy drinking fun in the sun beers. Whether it’s a day on the water, a day at the beach, or a day doing yard work their beers are designed for the hot summer days of Florida. The beers at the Islamorada Beer Company are so sessionable that they attract mainstream beer drinkers into the craft beer fold.

Craft brewery review of Islamorada Beer CompanyCurrent Beer Menu: On the day of my visit, Islamorada had six of their own beers on tap and the guest tap was a Guava IPA from the Sailfish Brewing Co. In the future, there will be more beer offered on tap but for now, they have only just started brewing on their new system. A lot of what they are pouring is still coming from the brewery down south, which uses a two-barrel system. The first of the six beers I tried was Sandbar Sunday, which is an American Wheat built to be your everyday beer. No frills needed here. Just a refreshing beer for a hot day. Islamorada Ale is a citrus ale that’s crisp and refreshing with citrus from the nose to the finish. No Tan Lines is a mix of both Sandbar Sunday and Islamorada Ale and not surprisingly they go together well. The Channel Marker IPA is a session IPA that isn’t going to blow you away with hops, but it’s a decent offering that uses Apollo, Cascade, and Willamette hops. A Purple Island is an IPA and their biggest beer on tap right now at 7.7%. It’s almost dank taste makes me wonder where the purple in the name comes from. In reality, though Islamorada was nicknamed the Purple Isle by early Spanish explorers. Sun Bum is a honey roasted IPA. The honey comes into play because they honey roast the malts. This beer grew on me as I drank it and it ended up being my favorite offering of the day.

Price Range: A flight will get you six 4oz beers for $12.00. A pint will run you $6.00 for all of the beers on the board. Growlers in both 32oz and Craft brewery review of Islamorada Beer Company64oz are offered as well. The 32oz growler glass will run you $8.00 and the fill of the growler will also cost you $8.00. The 64oz glass will run $15.00 and the fill will also run you $15.00. At the time of this post, only Channel Marker IPA is available to go in 6 packs from the brewery for $10.99.

Wine Menu: Both red and white wines are offered by the glass for $5.00.

Food Menu/Food Trucks: Food trucks are available on both Friday and Saturday. There is no consistent schedule as of yet, though. Delivery menus are also offered for Nino’s Restaurant, which is five miles from the brewery.

Craft brewery review of Islamorada Beer CompanyAmbiance: If you’ve ever been to the Florida Keys you know that a lot of the buildings are brightly colored. Well, walking into the Islamorada Beer Company felt like I had just walked into an establishment in the Keys. From floor to ceiling the walls are a bright yellow while the floor board, doors, window frames, and even HVAC ducts are turquoise. To top it off lobster traps have been hung from the ceiling to add that little extra Keys feel. Surprisingly there wasn’t any music playing overhead, though. Islamorada would be the perfect brewery to have reggae playing while you enjoy their beers. Separate from the tap room is a game room with giant Jenga, giant Connect Four, giant Checkers, and others.

Bar Seating: A combination of twelve tables is available with seating for both two and four. The bar has seating for a total of 25. There is also a picnic table that can seat up to eight in the game room.

Staff: Lindsey was working behind the bar during my visit. She’s a transplant from Ohio, but try not to hold that against her. I also had the pleasure Craft brewery review of Islamorada Beer Companyof meeting Tyrone Bradley, who is one of the four founding owners. Tyrone is South African born but grew up in South Florida. He was kind enough to lead me on a tour to show off their 25,000 sqft facility and also sit down to answer a few questions.

Brewing System: Islamorada brews on a 30 barrel four vessel automated system. Currently, they can produce 15,000 barrels a year. They will be able to produce 70,000 barrels when their new space is fully maxed out. They will be both bottling and canning in the new facility.

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Craft brewery review of Islamorada Beer CompanyMerch: Wow does Islamorada have merch! They devote a decent sized section in the tap room to all of the merch they offer. When I mentioned something about having so much I was told it sells very quickly. They offer everything from koozies, bottle openers, stickers, glasses, tumblers, bar signs, t-shirts, fishing shirts, hats, and even calendars. If you want something they most likely offer it. You can view everything they have to offer here.

Membership offered: A membership isn’t offered just yet, but there is one in the works.

Best days or time of year to go: Outside of both Friday and Saturday the weekdays are theCraft brewery review of Islamorada Beer Company easiest time to grab a beer at the bar and talk shop with the bartenders and other patrons. Bands are available on both Friday and Saturday starting at around 3:00pm.

Regular Hours: Currently Islamorada is open seven days a week from Noon – 10:00pm.

Happy Hour: Happy hour is available Monday through Thursday from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. During happy hour each beer is $2.00 off.

Craft brewery review of Islamorada Beer CompanyFun Facts:

-The idea for the Islamorada Beer Company was finalized during a fishing trip between Tyrone and three of his college buddies.

-Islamorada was contract brewed at the Thomas Creek Brewery in South Carolina before opening the Fort Pierce production facility.

-Currently, their distribution covers the area from Orlando South including both the east and west coasts of Florida.

-Islamorada has recently gained shelf space in South Florida Publix for Sandbar Sunday, Islamorada Ale, and Channel Marker IPA.

Overall Rating (1-5): I really enjoyed the look and feel of the new facility and the beer is definitely targeting folks looking for session brews. I’m Craft brewery review of Islamorada Beer Companyrating Islamorada a 3.75 out of 5. I look forward to visiting them again once the brewery is fully operational.

What was missing: There wasn’t a dark beer on the tap list, which for me is a big no-no. In this case, it’s understandable because everything they had ready was used for their grand opening and went fast. Also having no music in the taproom just seemed out of character.

In closing, I think Fort Pierce will welcome Islamorada with open arms. They are certainly a stop to be made for a growler or three the night before heading out on the water.

Is there something else you would like to know about the Islamorada Beer Company? Please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below.


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Tactical Dad Kickstarter

Tactical Dad Kickstarter Campaign

*The post is sponsored by Tactical Dad Packs. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Being a new dad not only comes with great joy and responsibility but also stuff. Lots of stuff! And for this stuff you need a carrier of sorts to tote said stuff from one place to another. These diaper bag ‘carriers’ typically come in pastel colors, polka dots, flowers, and frills; none of which I wish to carry. My wife was thoughtful enough to put a backpack diaper bag on our baby registry for me. This backpack diaper bag was super practical & didn’t make me feel like skipping when I carried it. Don’t get me wrong, skipping isn’t a bad thing but there’s a time & a place for it. Ya know?

Tactical Dad Kickstarter
Source: Tactical Dad Kickstarter

So this being said you could imagine how excited & interested I was when Tactical Dad reached out to me and asked me to share their Tactical Dad Kickstarter campaign! For those of you that don’t know (the shame!), Tactical Dad came out with this very cool D.O.D.D. (Dad on Diaper Duty) Pack. It’s very similar in dimensions to the bag I toted which gave me plenty of room for all the necessities. This bag looks way different from the diaper bag I had, though. The Tactical Dad Pack was made out of necessity & badassery looking very much like a military pack! I can imagine any dad in possession of this diaper pack being able to take on the enemy AND that dirty diaper. This diaper bag is so cool you’ll WANT to carry it!

Tactical Dad Kickstarter
Source: Tactical Dad Kickstarter

The exciting news from Tactical Dad’s Kickstarter campaign is the addition of a baby carrier that connects to the front of the diaper bag! So you have your adorable baby on your chest facing outwards and your Tactical bag on your back holding all of your essentials. Daddy MacGyver mode complete & ready to take on anything. Well, anything except teething. No one’s ever ready to take that on! Geesh! Can anyone say 2-year molars? Teething is just pure parenting hell!

Tactical Dad Kickstarter
Source: Tactical Dad Kickstarter

At least with this baby carrier, there’s no need to deal with the never-ending wrap like other baby carriers. We tried using one of those once and my wife decided to return it after I almost tied myself in a knot! That’s all I need is a puzzle while trying to put my baby in a carrier. What were they thinking? Tactical Dad got it right though with this quick release carrier. No fumbling or knot tying, just getting the job done. The way it should be.

So check out the Kickstarter campaign for Tactical Dad & their new baby carrier addition. A definite must for every new dad!

You can also check out the Tactical Dad website. You’ll be glad you did!


~ James

**I received compensation from Tactical Dad Packs in the form of a free D.O.D.D. (Dad on Diaper Duty) Pack for sharing this post. Thank you, Tactical Dad! I can’t wait to use my pack!

Florida craft brewery review of Wynwood Brewing Co

Wynwood Brewing Co.

Florida Craft Brewery: Wynwood Brewing Company Florida craft brewery review of Wynwood Brewing Co

Established: The company broke ground in 2011 but didn’t actually brew their first batch until August of 2013. The taproom was opened for the first time in December of 2013 during Art Basel.

Location: 565 NW 24th Street, Miami, FL 33127

Known For: Winning a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival in 2014 for Pops Porter put them on the map. Since then Wynwood has won Gold medals at the Florida Beer Championship in 2015 for their Rickenbacker Pilsner and Magic City Pal Ale. Pops Porter again medaled this past July (2016) taking home the Bronze at the U.S. Open Beer Championships. La Rubia, their blonde ale, is a popular offering and the only other beer bottled in six packs along with Pops Porter. The Imperial version of Pops Porter and their Belgian Golden Strong Ale, Father Francisco, bring the crowds running when tapped.

Florida craft brewery review of Wynwood Brewing CoCurrent Beer Menu: The day I visited, Wynwood had 15 of their own beers on tap plus a cider, a Kombucha, and a Berliner Weiss. The Berliner Weiss from Proof Brewing called Fruit Punch was delicious. They certainly keep the beer spectrum well represented between the 15 choices. I tasted all of Wynwood’s offerings and my favorites were the Magic City Pale Ale, Wynwood Fox (red ale dry hopped with Falconers Flight hops), Wynwood IPA (Westcoast IPA double dry hopped with Columbus Hops), Monica’s Gold (dry hopped version of La Rubia), Scotchy Doesn’t Know (a very nice Scotch Ale) and of course Pop’s Porter, which I have had a number of times throughout South Florida.

Price Range: A flight of four 5oz beers will run you $9.00. Regular pours are between $6.00 Florida craft brewery review of Wynwood Brewing Co and $7.50, but can get as high as $8.50 when a barrel aged beer is on tap.  The great thing is the barrel aged beer won’t be a 10oz pour but rather falls in line with the rest of the lineup. Six packs of Pops Porter and La Rubia are available to go for $11.00. Growler fills are $8.00 and $11.00 of the 32oz and $13 and $16 for the 64oz. If you don’t already have your own growler glass a 32oz glass will run you $5.00 while a 64oz glass will cost you $6.00. Every day of the week between 12:00pm and 1:00pm is Wynwood’s Growler Power Hour. Using a Wynwood growler gets you half off of the fill.

Wine Menu: Single servings of both red and white wines are available for $6.00.

Food Menu/Food Trucks: Rotating food trucks are available Tuesday through Friday from 6:00pm to close, Saturday from 3:00pm to close, and Sunday from 12:00pm to 7:00pm.

Florida craft brewery review of Wynwood Brewing CoAmbiance: Immediately when I walked in the door my first thought was man this place is dark. I then realized I had just walked in from a sun-drenched day and my eyes hadn’t adjusted yet. The taproom doesn’t receive any direct natural light so it is a tad darker than most. Overhead you can expect to hear anything from classic jam bands to hip hop. The taproom is a bit on the small size, but not to the point of feeling you’re sitting too close to anyone. The walls are decorated with a combination of murals and artwork for sale by local artists. Growing up in Miami I can remember the sea planes flying into the Port of Miami, which is pictured beautifully in one of the murals.

Bar Seating: There are eight seats at the bar, ten tables with both chairs and bench seating, two long picnic tables that seat 6 to 8 each and other Florida craft brewery review of Wynwood Brewing Covarious seating.

Staff: Alonda was handling the bar duties while I was visiting. She is the taproom co-manager and has been with Wynwood for the past two and a half years. She was full of information and makes a great ambassador for the brewery. I also had the opportunity to meet Danny, who is one of Wynwood’s cellarmen. He brought out a couple of his homebrews for us to sample. If they are any indication of what he’s capable of, you should keep your eyes peeled for Lost City Brewing in the coming years.

Brewing System: Wynwood brews on a 15 barrel two vessel system with 15 and 30 barrel fermenters. Last year they brewed 3500 barrels and project this year to brew 4500 barrels.

Florida craft brewery review of Wynwood Brewing CoMerch: Tank tops and t-shirts for both men and women are $20.00. A work shirt will run you $35.00 while hats are $20.00. Glasses range from $5.00 – $12.00. A 16oz stainless steel tumbler is $15.00 and a 64oz stainless steel growler is $45.00.

Membership offered: Membership for the Vine Club opens up every December with a max of 150 members. Joining for the first time will cost you $185.00, but if you renew your membership the following year the cost is only $85.00. As a member you receive a work shirt with your name on it, 18oz snifter etched with your name to be kept at the brewery, gold labeled 32oz and 64oz growlers, Members only parties, extended happy hour, members only bottle release, 15% of all merchandise, special members only growler fills, and other various swag. Finest Craft Beers from America’s Best Micro Breweries- 728x90 banner

Best days or time of year to go: Being situated in a high tourist-fed area close to both the Port of Miami and Miami International Airport patrons Florida craft brewery review of Wynwood Brewing Co.continued to flow in and out the entire time I was in the taproom. The taproom wasn’t packed to the gills by any means, but considering I was there on a Monday it’s safe to say the rest of the week is consistently busy.

Regular Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 12:00pm – Midnight and Sunday – Monday: 12:00pm – 10:00pm

Happy Hour: Monday – Friday: 4:00pm – 7:00pm. Depending on the beer you can receive $1.00 – $2.00 off. Plus a featured beer is also offered for $4.00.

Fun Facts:

-Monica’s Gold is named after Monica Puig who won Puerto Rico’s first ever Olympic gold medal in the Rio games. She won the gold medal for tennis.

Florida craft brewery review of Wynwood Brewing Co-Right now Wynwood has Grand Pops (Imperial Pops Porter) in bourbon and rum barrels, La Negra (imperial smoked stout) in bourbon and red wine barrels, and the Flagler Saison in red wine barrels.

-Wynwood is currently looking for land to build a new facility that would hold the production space, tap room, and beer garden. They are hoping to brew their first batch in the new building by summer 2018.

-December 10th is Wynwood Brewing’s 3rd Anniversary party. The party is still in the planning stages so be sure to check their Facebook page for updates.

Overall Rating (1-5): I am rating Wynwood brewing a 4.25 out of 5. All of the offerings were solid with a few stars shining through. The taproom Florida craft brewery review of Wynwood Brewing Cowas nicely put together and I really loved the murals on the walls. It’s hard to beat having someone as enthusiastic about their job as Alonda was. It definitely makes for an even better experience.

What was missing: I was a little disappointed with Wynwood’s Berliner Weiss (Guanabanator) especially having it next to Proof Brewing’s Fruit Punch, which was delicious. Other than that I was very pleased with the other offerings.

In closing, if you’re in South Florida and haven’t checked out Wynwood Brewing yet it should certainly be put on your list. Also if you have time to blow before your flight or cruise Wynwood is a great sport to spend a couple of hours.

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Enjoy great home brewed beer.