Funky Buddha Brewing

Funky Buddha Brewery

Florida Craft Brewery: Funky Buddha Brewery Funky Buddha Brewing

Established: June 1st, 2013

Location: 1201 NE 38th Street, Bay A1, Oakland Park, FL 33334

Known For: If you have heard of the Funky Buddha Brewery it’s probably because of their highly rated porters and stouts. Maple Bacon Coffee Porter (MBCP), Last Snow (coconut and coffee), Morning Wood (MBCP aged in bourbon barrels), and Snowed In (Last Snow aged in bourbon barrels) are a mainstay on the beer trading boards when they are released. One that hasn’t hit cult status yet, but is absolutely delicious is The Love Below an imperial stout with chocolate, cherries, and aged in both Cabernet and bourbon barrels. A number of their beers have a culinary twist to them such as the French Toast Double Brown Ale, Lemon Meringue Pie Blonde Ale, No Crusts (PB&J in a glass), Sticky Treats Blonde Ale (Rice Krispy Treat), Strawberry Shortcake Wheat Wine, Blueberry Cobbler Wheat Ale, and the Sweet Potato Casserole Strong Ale. Tasty treats indeed!

Funky Buddha BrewingCurrent Beer Menu: With 23 of the available 30 taps spoken for there was no shortage of options available to me. Funky had 20 of their own beers on tap plus three guest taps which were Barrel of Monks Rumpelstiltskin, Original Sin Cherry Tree Cider, and Sierra Nevada Barrelful of Hops. In the 3 hours I was on-site I was able to taste 10 of the options. My first flight consisted of Hop Stimulator (Double IPA) aged on Maple, Hop Stimulator aged on Cedar, Sweet Potato Casserole Strong Ale, and their session IPA, Crusher, which was brewed with passion fruit. The Passionfruit Crusher was my favorite of the day. I can’t even tell you the last time I had an actual piece of passion fruit, but that beer just dripped fruit juice. The Hop Stimulator alone is a very good DIPA and I enjoyed it even more when aged on both the Maple and Cypress woods. I did favor the Maple over the Cypress, though. The Sweet Potato Funky Buddha BrewingCasserole Strong Ale will bring you right back to the Thanksgiving Day table. Sweet potatoes and marshmallows in a glass. My second flight consisted of Lychee Hop Gun (IPA), Fire in the Hole, Millions of Peaches, and Nikolai Vorlauf Imperial Stout. The Hop Gun IPA brewed with lychee fruit was definitely fruit forward, but was just a tad sweet for my taste. Fire in the Hole is a red ale brewed with raspberries and Habanero peppers. You get the raspberries right away, but they are quickly overtaken by the peppers, which kick you in the back of your throat. Beers brewed with peppers have grown on me lately so I enjoyed Fire in the Hole. Millions of Peaches, a pale ale, was a bit of a letdown because I didn’t get a lot of peaches which you would expect from the name. Nikolai Vorlauf was a decent imperial stout with tastes of dark chocolate and coffee, but it was a bit thinner than I generally like. After the flights, I tried Tip-Ta-Tip which is a collaboration that Funky Buddha did with Shorts Brewing Co. out of Michigan. The beer is actually two beers brewed separately, aged in bourbon barrels, and then blended together. Shorts contribution was a Funky Buddha Brewingstrong ale brewed with Michigan cherries while Funky’s was a Gruit brewed with Florida oranges, yarrow, and rosemary. Gruit is an ancient beer, which used spices and botanical blends to flavor the beer before hops took their place with the onset of the Reinheitsgebot or German Purity Laws of 1516. I got a whole lot of cherries and alcohol out of it. I imagine after it ages for a bit the other flavors will come out of the shadows. Finally, the last beer I tried was the Vanilla OP Porter on Nitro. If you like vanilla coffee, then this beer is for you. Add the creaminess brought on by the Nitro and you get a very tasty beer.

Price Range: A flight of four 4oz beers was $9.00 and both barrel aged and guest beers are not Funky Buddha Brewingavailable as part of the flight. A single beer will run you between $6.00 and $8.00. Growlers are also available in both 32oz and 64oz sizes. Filling a 32oz growler will run between $6.50 and $12.50, while a 64oz will be between $11.00 and $20.00. If you don’t already have the growler glass a 32oz will cost you $5.00, while a 64oz will cost you $6.00.

Wine Menu: If beer isn’t what you are looking for both white and red wines are offered by the glass ($6.00 – $8.00) and by the bottle ($23.00 – $30.00).

Funky Buddha BrewingFood Menu: Funky Buddha added the Craft Food Counter and Kitchen in late 2015. Walk to the area behind the tap room, order, return to your seat, wait for your pager to go off and pick up your food. That is about as simple as it gets for food service. I ordered the 1201 Burger with house made kettle chips and was extremely satisfied with both. Based off of that I would certainly suggest enjoying a meal while visiting Funky Buddha. Every Tuesday between 5:00pm and 10:000pm you can order a burger and one of Funky’s flagship beers for $10.00. Every Thursday between 5:00pm and 10:00pm you can order two tacos and a flagship beer for $10.00.

Ambiance: When you walk through the front door you are greeted by a 3,000 sqft tasting Funky Buddha Brewingroom with high ceilings and a 70-foot bar. About a third of the walls are covered in reclaimed wood paneling. The taps are adorned by a 15-foot cherry wood centerpiece which helps pull all eyes to the bar area. There is a very spacious and comfortable sense that comes from having such a large tap room. You don’t feel like you are right on top of the person sitting next to you. The back area where you will find the kitchen is also the game room. Giant Jenga, cornhole, and three arcade games will keep you busy while downing your beer of choice. Next to the game area is a large room used for special events. When needed, it is also open to the general public on the weekends. The overall facility encompasses 54,000 sqft.

Funky Buddha BrewingBar Seating: The tap room has the capacity for 204 craft beer loving souls. The bar itself comfortably seats 24. A mixture of high and low top tables cover the rest of the seating. There are also a number of leather chairs set up for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Staff: Manny was tending bar while I was there and was really the only FB staff that I had interaction with. He’s been in that position a little over a year. He was friendly and very easy to talk to, which is exactly what the position calls for.

Brewing System: Funky Buddha works its magic on a 30-barrel three-piece brewhouse, which Funky Buddha Brewingwas built-in North America. Close to 50,000 barrels a year is brewed using the system. All bottling is also done in-house.

Merch: Glasses in different styles will cost you between $5.00 and $8.00. Koozies and bottle openers are available for between $2.00 and $6.00. Shirts for both men and women can be found for between $20.00 and $35.00 in many different styles. A hoodie will run you $40.00 and you can even buy a pair of yoga leggings emblazoned with the Funky Buddha logo for $25.00. Funky Buddha always has bottles in the fridge ready to leave with you.

Funky Buddha BrewingMembership offered: Two different memberships are offered. The Snifter Club has an annual fee of $50.00 and with that you will receive a custom 18oz snifter, Funky Buddha shirt, happy hour extended by an hour, 2oz larger draft beer pours, and 10% of Funky Buddha merch. The Imperial Club is the next step up from the Snifter Club. The annual fee is $150 and is capped at 250 members. Imperial members receive everything the Snifter Club does including an annual members party with open bar and food, a club key chain, member meet-ups and events exclusive to members, and presale plus one-week storage of all 22oz bottle releases.

Best days or time of year to go: Earlier in the week during the day would be the best time to visit if you don’t want to deal with a large number of people in the tasting room. American Express is not accepted at Funky Buddha, so prepare accordingly. Children are allowed between the hours of 12:00pm and 8:00pm, but they cannot go on a tour. Dogs are also allowed, but only on the patio areas.

Regular Hours: Open seven days a week: 11:30am – MidnightFunky Buddha Brewing

Happy Hour: Monday – Friday: 3:00pm – 7:00pm. $1.00 off all beers.

Fun Facts:

-The Funky Buddha Brewery began as the Funky Buddha Lounge & Brewery in Boca Raton and utilized a 55-gallon brewhouse. The Lounge is still open and definitely worth visiting.

Funky Buddha Brewing-Not only did the original location sell beer, but it also offered tea, kava, and Shisha for the hookahs, which it still does today.

-When Maple Bacon Coffee Porter was bottled it was traded across the country and quickly became the #1 rated porter in the world on This pushed Funky Buddha to the #27 rated brewery in the U.S. according to

-Three of the top six rated porters on belong to Funky Buddha. Morning Wood (#1), Maple Bacon Coffee Porter (#5), and Last Snow (#6).

Overall Rating (1-5): I’m rating Funky Buddha a 4.75. Everything including the food, staff, atmosphere, and beer was for the most part top-notch. The tap room is one that I believe will be hard to beat.Funky Buddha Brewing

What was missing: I’m sitting here trying to come up with a complaint and the only thing I can think of is my burger being cooked a little bit more than the requested medium well, but even with that it was still delicious.

In closing, if you’re in South Florida for business or pleasure the Funky Buddha Brewery is absolutely a must stop.

Is there something else you would like to know about the Funky Buddha Brewery? Please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below.


Sand Footprint Art

Sand Footprint Art

Summertime means hotter weather and it also means summer break for the kiddos! Growing up in south Florida, I spent most of my summer breaks boogie boarding, hanging out at the beach, or fishing from the beach. My son also loves going to the beach and playing in the sand. In an effort to preserve our summer, as well as our son still being little, we decided to do a sand footprint art project. We found a great tutorial from Paging Fun Mums but opted to do something a little smaller. What better way to encapsulate our little boy’s footprint than in the sand for all eternity.

Sand Footprint Art

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Here’s what we used:

  • 4×6 frame – found at Kohl’s
  • 50lb bag of Sakrete Natural Play Sand (We’ll use the rest of the sand for future projects.)
  • Dap – Plaster of Paris
  • Design Matter – Clear Finish, Gloss
  • Blue Painters Tape
  • Small paintbrush
  • Small seashells
  • Super glue
  • Piece of cardboard (Used for leveling the sand and plaster)
  • Flat surface you don’t mind getting messy (Cardboard from the recycle bin or anything that won’t allow the plaster to seep through if spilled.)

Sand Footprint Art

After preparing your work area take apart the frame.

Sand 2

You can put the glass to the side for disposal later because you won’t be using it. Place the backing of the frame back-end facing down and place the front of the frame on top forming a makeshift box.

Sand Footprint Art Sand Footprint Art
Now you’re ready for the sand. Place enough sand into the frame to get an impression of your kiddos foot. Make sure to not pack the sand into the space. You want it spread out evenly, but you don’t want it so packed in that you can’t get a good impression. Cut the piece of cardboard to your desired size to fit inside the frame. Use the cardboard to rake the sand into the corners and sides, making sure to not press down too hard.

Sand 5Sand 6

The object is to make sure the sand not only becomes a flat surface but also fully covers every nook and cranny. Now comes the difficult part. Grab your little artist in the making and carefully place their foot in the sand pressing down enough to gain a bit of depth to the print.

Sand Footprint Art

Sand Footprint ArtSave up to 38% or more on Tampa Bay’s 5 best attractions at - Shop Now!It took a couple tries before we were satisfied with the footprint. If you’re not satisfied with the first attempt, start over from the beginning. Once you’re happy with the outcome it’s time for the plaster. We mixed two cups of plaster to one cup of water. Slowly pour the plaster into the frame starting in a corner being careful to not pour too much causing it to overflow as I did. Oops!

Sand Footprint Art

Once satisfied with your pour use the cardboard to carefully smooth out the plaster making sure to completely fill in the open space without putting too much pressure which could possibly irritate the imprint below.

Sand 11

Wipe up any plaster spillage with a damp cloth. There was more than enough plaster to cover the area and would probably work in a 5×7 frame as well. Now the hard part is done. Let the frame sit overnight. Once completely dry carefully lift the frame up from the table separating it from the frame backing. Using the paintbrush carefully brush away the remaining sand to discover your very own footprint in the sand. Make sure not to brush too hard as you don’t want to brush away the sand that is partially embedded in the plaster.

Sand Footprint Art

The frame we used did not come ready to hang so we purchased the quick fix you see below. All you’ll need is a hammer and one of the hangers from the pack. Also, notice how smooth the back of the project ends up after drying.

Sand Footprint Art

Once satisfied, you can leave the piece as it is or you can add small shells using superglue.

Sand Footprint Art

Finally use the painters tape to completely cover the frame before spraying with the sealant.

Sand Footprint ArtSand 16Spray the sand from 12-15 inches away, making sure to cover all areas with a quick swipe of the sealant. Let dry for a few minutes and repeat two more times or as stated on the can. We really love how it turned out and we’re looking forward to doing more footprint sand art projects in the future.

Sand Footprint Art

Have you tried something like this with your kids? What was the outcome? Please share in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by!

~ James
Free Week of Healthy Kids Inc Meal Planner

Florida Craft Brewery Review of the Hollywood Brewing Company.

Hollywood Brewing Co.

Florida Craft Brewery: Hollywood Brewing Company Hollywood Brewing Company.

Established: Early 2015

Location: 290 N. Broadwalk, Hollywood, FL 33019

Known For: I was told by the staff that their Mango IPA is their most desired offering. Unfortunately, the last keg had kicked the day before I paid them a visit so I did not get to try it. The food was also mentioned to be very good. I had the $10 burger and a pint special, which is a deal considering a burger will run you 10-12 on its own at other places. Being the hamburger lover that I am, I was pleased with the burger and fries. I asked for medium-well and that is how it arrived. It was by no means a Top 10, but it was still a good burger. The Pale Ale I ordered with the burger, on the other hand, was a malty mess. There was only the slightest hint of the hops, which made me wonder if it was poured from an old keg.

Current Beer Menu: Hollywood had twelve of their own beers and a cider on tap. The spectrum was pretty much covered with two Wheat, two Pilsner, two Lager, a Pale Ale, an IPA, a Double IPA, a Stout, an English Ginger Ale, and a Belgian Ale. I ended up trying nine off of the list. The English Ginger Ale was interesting and I liked it. Ginger can easily be overdone and it certainly was not in this case. The Imperial Stout was very thin. I held it up to the light thinking it may be translucent, which thankfully it wasn’t. It made me think of water with brown food coloring in it. The flavor had a decent roastiness to it, but Hollywood Brewing Company.that couldn’t help it overcome the rest of its faults. The Fresh Hop Pilsner was brewed with Citra and Saaz hops. I was left wondering if they had forgotten to add the Citra. It wasn’t a bad beer, it just didn’t stand up to its profile. The standard Wheat was a beer I could drink a few of while hanging out in the sun. The Amber Lager had a nice color but lacked in flavor. The Double IPA was a malt bomb. I was told it was a limited release, which in this case was a good thing because it was not very good and again left me wondering if it was poured from an older keg. The Grapefruit IPA and Pineapple Wheat were my top picks of the day. The grapefruit came through well on the nose, but it definitely didn’t smack you in the face on that first sip like Ballast Point’s Grapefruit Sculpin does for example. The bitterness from the hops complimented the grapefruit nicely. The Pineapple Wheat was nice and clean. I wanted a bit more pineapple, but it was still a good offering and my favorite of the day. Overall though it was very much a lackluster tap list.

Price Range: A flight of four 4oz beers will cost you $8.00. Pints are $6.50 across the board except for the stout, which was $7.00. If you are reallyHollywood Brewing Company. thirsty, you can order a 32oz mug of any beer for $12.00. Hollywood only fills their own 64oz growlers. The 32oz version is not offered. Your first purchase of both the growler and any beer will cost you $17.00. After that, a refill of any beer will run you $13.00.

Wine Menu: A variety of choices between both red and white wine for $7.00 a glass or $26.00 a bottle. A full bar is also offered along with four flavors (plum, pepper, lemon, and horseradish) of homemade Schnapps.

728x90 new banner

Hollywood Brewing Company.Food Menu/Food Trucks: Hollywood Brewing Company operates as a brewpub, so they offer a full menu. The pricing seems to be a bit on the higher side, but then again you are sitting next to the beach. It’s all about location location location!

Ambiance: After walking up a few steps you are greeted by a covered porch overlooking Hollywood Beach. Once inside you find yourself in a welcoming pub-like space with tv’s on two walls and a mural of a small German town on the third. The wood flooring and wood paneling on one of the walls give the space a rustic feel. It’s certainly a nice clean place to have a meal. Windows to the right of the bar give you a glimpse of the brewing equipment, which sits in a room behind the bar. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to gain access to it for pictures without the general manager being present.Hollywood Brewing Company.

Bar Seating: The bar has seating for nine, six low top tables with seating for four, and four high top tables against the wall seat two to three. Outside picnic tables under the covered porch give you a spacious view of Hollywood’s finest attribute… the beach

Staff: Anya, originally from Russia, has been a bartender for three of the seven years that she has lived in the states. Overall my experience with the staff was fine, but a couple that came in after me waited for ten minutes to order a couple of beers before getting fed up and leaving. I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting the general manager, Johnny Quinones, but he was kind enough to answer a few questions for me via e-mail.

Hollywood Brewing Company.Brewing System: Hollywood uses equipment built by the European company Zip Technologies. The brewpub has the capacity to brew 75 barrels a month.

Merch: Shirts for both men and women are available for $15.00 and a pint glass can be purchased for $6.00.

Membership offered: No membership of any kind is offered.

Best days or time of year to go: Sitting on the beach means there is a constant flow of people coming in to cool down, grab a bite to eat, and a pint to wet their whistle. While sitting at the bar between 1:00 and 3:00 Friday afternoon I watched the clientele jump from just me to 15 to 20 people. I was told nights are the busiest, especially on the weekends.Hollywood Brewing Company.

Regular Hours: Monday – Sunday: 11:00am – 12:00am

Happy Hour: Monday through Friday between 5:00pm and 7:00pm pints are 2 for 1. You can also get 2 for 1 Monday through Friday from 10:00pm till close for ladies night.

Fun Facts:

-Originally the Hollywood Brewing Company was known as the Organic Brewery. Organic started in 2012 and was purchased two years later, which is when the name change came into play.

Hollywood Brewing Company.-A production brewery was opened a few miles from the brewpub in 2015.

-The Fresh Hop Pilsner, Pale Ale, and Stout are currently bottled and distributed. In the near future, the Mango IPA will be bottled as well.

-The distribution network covers most of South Florida including, from Coral Gables in the south to Jupiter in the north.

Overall Rating (1-5): I’m rating the Hollywood Brewing Company a 3.25. The beer that was Hollywood Brewing Company.decent just didn’t make up for the beer that wasn’t. Thankfully the burger was pretty good and the bartender was attentive to my needs. I have to believe they do good business due to their location on the boardwalk. I can only imagine how busy they would be if they were producing a beer worth making the drive for.

What was missing: Other than a couple of their offerings I just wasn’t a fan of their beer. It’s a shame to have a location as perfect as theirs and waste the opportunity to get a good craft beer into the hands of the thousands of tourists and locals who are on Hollywood Beach every day.

Hollywood Brewing Company.In closing, unfortunately, I don’t recommend the Hollywood Brewing Company to the regular craft beer drinker. This type of establishment is more for locals and tourists who aren’t really into craft beer or are just starting to try new beer styles.

Is there something else you would like to know about the Hollywood Brewing Company? Please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below.