Copperpoint Brewing Co.

Copperpoint Brewing, Florida craft beer, craft beer, beer,

Florida Craft Brewery: Copperpoint Brewing Co.

Established: May 11th, 2015

Location: 151 Commerce Road, Boynton Beach, FL 33426Copperpoint Brewing, Florida craft beer, craft beer, beer,

Known For: The B. Rabbit espresso stout on Nitro, G (grapefruit) Saison, Copperpoint Lager, and One Love IPA are what keep the regulars coming back. Unfortunately, One Love wasn’t on tap while I was there, but I was able to try the other three and I can see why they are so popular with the locals. The Copperpoint Lager is a great gateway beer for those who haven’t quite gotten their feet wet in the craft beer scene.

Copperpoint Brewing, Florida craft beer, craft beer, beer, craftdaddyblog.comCurrent Beer Menu: With normally 13 beers on tap there is no question Copperpoint will have at least one beer you’ll enjoy. From their Red IPA, the A-10 Hophog, to their Imperial Porter, the Cox Diesel, you will be hard pressed to make a bad choice. If you just can’t seem to make up your mind flights are offered which consist of four 5oz pours.

Price Range: Pricing per glass is between $5.00 and $7.00 depending on the style of beer you order. A flight of beer will run you $7.00 no matter which style you choose. Growlers are also offered. Depending on the style of beer a 32oz growler can run between $7.00 and $15.00 while a 64oz growler will run between $13.00 and $15.00. If you don’t already have your own growler you can purchase either a 32oz or 64oz for $6.00.

Wine Menu: So your significant other was nice enough to join you at the brewery, but doesn’t drinkCopperpoint Brewing, Florida craft beer, craft beer, beer, beer? Copperpoint has you covered. They offer at least four choices of both red and white wines. A glass will run between $8.00 and $10.00 per.

Food Menu: You have a couple of choices here. You can either have food delivered from any number of eateries or visit the food truck, which parks directly in front of the brewery and rotates daily. Monday through Friday the food truck arrives at 5pm, Saturday at 3pm, and Sunday at noon. Copperpoint keeps an updated food truck calendar on their website for your viewing pleasure.

Copperpoint Brewing, Florida craft beer, craft beer, beer, craftdaddyblog.comAmbiance: When I walked in the front door, I had a sense of stepping back in time to an American pub one of my great-grandfathers might have had a pint in. The wood, brick, and copper that adorn your surroundings seem to want to tell a story. Your eyes are then pulled across the room to the bar area where a window beckons you into the heart of the brewery. The lights are kept relatively low just as they were at Twisted Trunk. Is there a pattern forming? The grid ceiling doesn’t hold ceiling tiles, but it does hold strings of blue lights which add a little something extra to the relaxing feel of the taproom. No one under the age of 21 is allowed after 8pm and if you are interested in a brewery tour, a group tour is held on Saturday afternoon at 3pm.

Bar Seating: The bar has seating for twenty with a mixture of eight high tops that seat six or eight. There are eight booths which form the outerCopperpoint Brewing, Florida craft beer, craft beer, beer, seating area along the walls. For those looking to drink their libations under the sun, a porch area has been provided with four large picnic tables and seven relaxing chairs. You can also venture upstairs to the game room where ping-pong, foosball, corn hole, and a few arcade games have been provided.  Three leather couches and a high top table make relaxation the name of the game upstairs.

Staff: Brie, Diane, and Irena handled the bar like seasoned professionals. Irena is working toward her bachelor’s degree in chemistry and science at FAU. Once she graduates, she hopes to become the Quality Control Manager for the brewery.

Merch: Hats ($25), tank tops and t-shirts ($20), long sleeve shirts ($25), and work shirts ($40) are available to purchase. If that’s not enough youCopperpoint Brewing, Florida craft beer, craft beer, beer, can also buy a pint glass ($5), snifter ($12), koozie ($3), or growler koozie ($10).

Membership offered: Copperpoint doesn’t have anything available right now, but I was toldCopperpoint Brewing, Florida craft beer, craft beer, beer, anything is possible in the future.

Best days or time of year to go: If you’re looking for a quiet time to experience Copperpoint’s offerings, then the 12:00 – 3:00pm weekday hours are your most promising. The crowd files in pretty quickly once 4:30 starts inching its way in.

Regular Hours: Monday – Thursday: 12:00pm – 10:00pm, Friday – Saturday: 12:00pm – 11:00pm, and Sunday 12:00pm – 8:00pm

Happy Hour: Monday – Friday: 3:00pm – 6:00pm

Copperpoint Brewing, Florida craft beer, craft beer, beer, craftdaddyblog.comFun Fact:

The Trula Saison is named after brewmaster and part owner, Matt Cox’s grandmother.

Al Lettera, Jr. who is also part owner named the A-10 Hophog after his grandfather who was an engineer and pilot of the famed tank killer, the A-10 Warthog.

Corey, the assistant brewer was nice enough to share this bit of information with me. Cox Diesel, the imperial porter, is going to be put into one Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrel, four Heaven Hills barrels, and one Pinot Noir barrel for upwards of 12 months. The finished product will be used forCopperpoint Brewing, Florida craft beer, craft beer, beer, special occasions like Copperpoint’s anniversary for example.

Matt Cox has taken home over 50 awards for his beers in the last 15 years, including a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), gold medals at the North American Brewing Association, multiple medals at the U.S. Beer Championships, and multiple Grand National Champion Awards at the United States Beer Tasting Championships.

Overall Rating (1-5): I had heard good things about Copperpoint before I was able to visit so I’m happy that they lived up to the word on the street. I have no problem at all giving them a well deserved 5. All of their beers were on point while the Cox Diesel was a step above the rest. I almost Copperpoint Brewing, Florida craft beer, craft beer, beer, craftdaddyblog.comforgot. The bathroom was pretty badass as well.

What was missing: For me, the only thing missing was an imperial stout, which I had apparently just missed by a few days.

In closing, everything from the staff to the beer was top-notch. Copperpoint is definitely yet another of the newer South Florida breweries that should be put on your must-try list.

Did I leave anything out or is there something else you would like to know about the Copperpoint Brewing Company? Please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below.



  1. 13 beers on draft sounds pretty good to me. Excellent prices for a flight too. I also like to judge a brewery on their Imperial Stout, so surprised they don’t have one. I love to sit at the bar and that definitely looks like a good one. How was their Imperial IPA? Thanks again James for another great review! Cheers my friend!

    1. The DIPA was pretty good, but I favored the red IPA(A-10 Hop Hog) over it. They do have an imperial stout. I had just missed it by a few days. I’m not sure how it is up there, but places down here don’t tend to have one on tap on a semi-consistent basis. Thnks again for continuing to follow the blog. Cheers brother!

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