Florida Craft Beer, daddy, craft beer, beerTrying to find balance between being a daddy & my craft beer obsession.

Hi, I’m James, a native Floridian, craft beer fanatic, loving husband and a daddy to a beautiful little boy. At Craft Daddy Blog you will find all things beer with some daddy related posts mixed in. My goal is to review all 200+ craft beer breweries in Florida. I will also post about beer releases, beer festivals, and anything else beer related that strikes my fancy. I can do that because this is my blog! Please note that I am just an average guy who loves craft beer & have no official training to review beer. I am also NOT an English teacher so I don’t promise perfect grammar/punctuation. All brewery reviews are based on my honest opinion on multiple factors, including taste of beer, availability, ambiance, staff, & my overall experience during the visit.

I will also be posting on father related material, such as crafts & projects for kids, new dad advice & stories about my son. I’m a proud dad and have experienced A LOT in these first couple years of fatherhood. Being a daddy has been the most wonderful experience & I can’t wait to share my journey with you!

My plan is to release one brewery review or beer related post and one daddy related post per week. That’s right folks, two posts a week! Can I do it? We’ll have to see I guess.

Please understand that everyone’s palate is different. Two people can sit at the same bar, have the same beer, and have two completely different opinions & experiences. If you think my review is way off, please let me know. I welcome all comments, both good and bad.

On the daddy front, if you have any questions or project ideas, please feel free to contact me. When it comes to babies there are no stupid questions. I mean, a life does depend on your actions after all.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog and I hope you come back to visit. Please subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss out on future posts.